I post a lot of my own links here so I thought I'd show a few things I've made for other people's channels. I just finished making a video called #IT, people saying IT to a beat. Casey Neistat called it the "best thing on the internet today".  Edgar Wright recently posted a remix I did for him to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Spaced. It's a sound effects remix you can watch on his instagram ortwitter. I've made another Spaced remix that is more talky that's coming out shortly. Jimmy Fallon recently played my Ricky Gervais remix to him on his show. Graham Norton also played my Wolf of Wall Street remix to Matthew McConaughyon his show. Matthew asked where his residuals were so I double checked and Mr McConaughy can rest assured that his film company has collected at least $20,000 in ad revenue from that remix. Patty Jenkins very kindly shared my Wonder Woman remix. Ed Solomon very kindly shared the remix I made of the Bill and Ted movieshe co-wrote. Flula posted a remix I made for him on his instagram. Jason Silva shared a remix I made for him on his instagram. A while ago I made a showreel forDenis Leary and though he liked it he said it was maybe a little too weird so I posted about it online. Well Denis very kindly tweeted to correct the story of theshowreel. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez liked the remix I made of her on twitter and I'm doing an AV set for my mate Kill in Barcelona next month.

Just One Note

Is it illegal if you take just one note? Here's a video remix made from samples no longer than 0.5 seconds from 107 different artists. Madonna won her court case over the use of a 0.23 second horn stab in "Vogue".  Sabrina Setlur won her courtcase for unauthorized use of 2 seconds of Kraftwerk. So I have been wondering how long is too long when it comes to sampling. This video remix is to test out the algorithm. Will YouTube's copyright ID system take offence at Taylor Swifts voice appearing for 0.14 seconds and her face occupying 18% of the screen... Who knows?

SEGA Classics

As a 90’s kid who owned both a Mega Drive and a Game Gear I am super excited about my latest video with SEGA. SEGA have relaunched a bunch of the classic games on multiple platforms with the SEGA Mega Drive Classics collection. To celebrate I mashed up the games blending levels and characters to create a musical video score with the characters and levels playing the music. The sounds are created using only sound effects from the original games, no added drums, synths or preservatives. Technically this video could be performed on a Mega Drive in the early 90s. The forests of Golden Axe are blended into the urban sprawl of Streets of Rage where ToeJam and Earl go clubbing. 

Video Remix Interviews

Every Tuesday at 8PM CET / 2PM EST I am putting up an interview with a different video remix artist every week. This week it's Brian Kane and Gardner Post two of the founding members of EBN (Emergency Broadcast Network), the inventors of video remix. Last week was Mike Relm and I've got Stuart Warren-Hill and Eboman coming up in the next few weeks. For people interested in video remix I've also made a facebook group for people to discuss and share links.

Airbnbeing John Malkovich

Airbnbeing John Malkovich The craziest Airbnb experience ever. Live it up inside John Malkovich’s Head. “It’s f***ing genius” say Charle Sheen. This is definitely one experience you’re not likely to forget. Offering all the comforts of a Hollywood actor’s big head - Airbnbeing John Malkovich takes you on a unique trip through his subconscious neighbourhood. The blow-up home was modelled on a quick screengrab from the movie Being John Malkovich, combined with a royalty-free Google Image of his skull to give that perfect combination of local delight and surreal pretend-fantasy. The interior is inflatable. Bouncy but firm. Equipped with everything you could need in order to be someone else. Facilities include: Wi-Fi internet, custom fitted kitchen with oven/hob/microwave/fridge-freezer; shower room with WC; bedroom with cosy double bed and matching Malkovich pillowcases; dining & living area, comfy sofas and flat-screen TV complete with the entire back catalogue of John Malkovich on VHS, DVD and Blu-ray. Airbnbeing John Malkovich is perfectly suited for both singles and couples – and provides the ideal head space for romantic or solitary escapism. The surrounding cerebrum is stunning, and there are plenty of hidden portals and ego trips to explore. Artist Kill Cooper is Head of Malkovich and Development and is always happy to lend you a hand inside the magnificent head. If you have any questions about Airbnbeing John Malkovich and this new one-of-a-kind experience – please ask. You’ll realise as soon as you get inside his head – there is indeed something special and magical about John Malkovich, just waiting to be discovered. Malkovich. Malkovich.

How To Remix Video : Cutting Clips

I’ve started doing video tutorials on how to remix video. I’m going to do one a week till I bosh out the main points. Please email me or comment on the videos if you feel anything should be included or want me to explain anything in more detail. I’ve been doing these tutorials in various places online and at conferences over the years but I thought I’d gather them in one place on my YouTube. The tutorials are almost entirely using Magix Vegas software but some of the information will be relevant to other video editing software. I’ve been using Vegas since it was owned by Sonic Foundry right through it’s years with Sony and now it’s been taken on by Magix. There are really two reasons I use Vegas. Firstly you can edit video in musical beats and bars like a DAW (Ableton, Logic, Fruity Loops) and Vegas will ignore the frames so you can cut more finely and musically than a video editor locked to 25,30 or 60 frames would. Secondly it allows you to play a loop of your timeline without rendering first, so you can be listening to your video cuts musically as you make musical ideas. People also write 3rd Party Scripts for Vegas that allow it to do a variety of neat tricks like importing subtitles and batch processing things that would usual take a thousand clicks to achieve. One script I long for is being able to edit videos by the subtitle files, searching for keywords and having it kick out video for those words.

Wonder Woman Remix

Patty Jenkin's box office crushing Wonder Woman has cemented the chances of more female-led super hero movies. The fight scenes deliver a style of choreography only woman can elegantly pull off. Ignoring all the perfectly decent male actors in the movie I made a remix using the fight sounds and dialogue of Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) with just a touch of Ewen Bremner’s piano house.

Baby Driver


Have you seen Baby Driver yet? It's the modern remix musical every audio visual remixer has dreamed of. Gear shifts, engine revs and skids are sync'd to the background music. Incidental sounds and gun fire play along with the rhythm, a bit like a bullet ballet. So here's my remix. For a movie that's led by the music it's weird to have none of the iconic songs from the movie but songs are what get flagged for Content ID infringement online these days. I've opted instead to take lots of partial moments and spoken word bits to create a track in the only musical style that seemed missing from the movie.... House Music.