Light Saber

If you haven’t at some point in your life waved your hands about making Light Saber noises imagining you’re defeating Darth Vader then this isn’t the video for you. Star Wars VII is fast approaching, but not fast enough, so for the second time this year I’m revisiting the first six movies this time taking on the trusty Jedi’s Light Saber. .

The original lightsaber sound effect was developed by legendary sound designer Ben Burtt as a combination of the hum of idling interlock motors in old movie projectors and interference caused by a television set on a shieldless microphone - a sound Ben Burtt discovered by accident as he was looking for a buzzing, sparking sound to add to the projector-motor hum.

The pitch changes of lightsaber movement were produced by playing the basic lightsaber tone on a loudspeaker and recording it on a moving microphone, generating Doppler shift to sound like movement.

According Obi-Wan Kenobi  in A New Hope, light sabers are “not as clumsy or random as a blaster. An elegant weapon, for a more civilized age.”

Love / Hate Remix

Since moving back to Europe I’ve been spending a lot of time in Ireland. My friend Aaron Heffernan got me into the TV Show “Love/Hate” in which he plays a police officer called Gavin. So I made this remix of the show featuring sprinklings of Gavin and all the swearing , drug taking and violence which has made the show the most viewed TV drama in Ireland. The show is coming soon to Netflix so the whole world can enjoy it too. I’m going to be back in Dublin playing at The Palace Nightclub on 28th,29th and 31st of this month.


It’s Halloween and it’s been 30 years since Ghostbusters was released so I’m hitting two bats with one pumpkin with this Ghostbusters remix. Harold Ramis and Dan Aykroyd’s classic gets the rewind…..streams are crossed, Zuul prepares us for the coming of Gozer and the Stay Puft Marshmallow man appears in all his guises.



Whilst on the topic of BILL MURRAY, this Thursday (30th Oct) I am Audio DJing (no video) for the launch of Hungry Castle’s new collection “The Shit Collection” which features a Bill Murray shirt.

Cosmos vs Lazerdisk vs The Knocks

COSMOS, the Carl Sagan Cosmos series has been remade with Neil Degrasse Tyson and is flipping ridicusick. MELANGE  is the new ep from Lazerdisk. The track “Crashing” on Melange is a collaboration between Lazerdisk and The Knocks and they asked me to remix it. I try to make everything I do about video as well as music (video music ainnit) so I decided to combine my audio remix with the Cosmos TV show what with the lyrics being so starry and such “You know where we are, dancing in the stars……”

Mind Control Tool

Technology has been able to give you a case of the mind shits for sometime now. Just ask the Russians about their sonic weather weapons and apparently Nikola Tesla could make someone do the macarena from 200 yards away with just a pocket watch and a lighter. So YC the Cynic and I teamed up to make a genuine Audio-Visual assault to the system. The track opens with fair warning so don’t come moaning to us if after watching you have no free will and keep scratching your privates every time someone rings your door bell. If you find the nose bleeds stop and you still want more you can get the stems to remix with here or listen to it on spotify.



Game of Thrones season finale is coming and Hodor is in da house. Hungry Castle and I have joined forces to celebrate Hodor’s hodor-ism with this pumping electro house remix of the shows theme song. They say never go full Hodor, but they can go Joffrey themselves, it’s HODOR TIME. Hungry Castle have also made HODOR HOODS for to purchase yo!

Wes Anderson Mixtape

Great directors create their own genre and Wes Anderson movies are a genre unto themselves. His films are played out in linear motion, his actors moving like costumed dolls in a vast toy house. It’s as much theater as film. Here are Anderson’s movies remixed like a cross section of a doll’s house - the themes and styles blended and mashed together. This is the latest in my series of Director Mixtapes previously Tarantino and Almodovar

Vidibox Mix

In this day and age of DJs just hitting play I decided it was to time for you to see me hit play over and over again. Vidibox is a brand new video sampler / looper app and in this mix I use it to deliver a fast paced journey through 40+ video samples in 5 minutes. Due to the over head camera we missed most of the bottle popping, twerking and cake throwing but we assure you it was taking place. The stop button also gets used a fair few times.

 If you download vidibox and want some video samples to get started with. DOWNLOAD THESE onto your ipad.


Robocop, the classic, is getting remade and re-released next month. It’s directed by José Padilha with Gary Oldman, Samuel L Jackson and Michael Keaton. But remember the original that predicted a future in which the justice system was run by corporations and Detroit was nearing collapse? So to jog your memory I spliced it down and jumbled it up into a robostep video noise track. You now have 15 seconds to click like.

Coldcut / Hexstatic

So I flipping love Coldcut & Hexstatic. I have learned a lot from many many AV acts but the real reason I got into video sampling/remixing stuff was because of seeing Coldcut & Hexstatic’s “Timber”. Timber was an awesome track made out of video samples and though I am sure there are other great previous examples of AV Remix this was the first time I had ever seen it.

After seeing Timber I wanted to know how to make shit like this. I started using Coldcut/Camart’s VJAMM software which was basically a video sampler, the first EM shows were done using this software and CDJs. Aside from pioneering AV, Coldcut have been none too shabby in their other areas of work, writing bonafide hits for folk like Lisa Stansfield & Yazz in the 80s then using the money to start the NinjaTune record label which is still a staple of hits today. Fatboy Slim credits them with inspiring his route into hit making in this 80’s interview and The Prodigy’s Liam Howlett calls them the inspiration for  “The Dirt Chamber Sessions”


A while ago when I was getting into AV and thought I was totally pioneering and shit, Matt Black told me to check out this dude called EBOMAN. At that time he was scratching video live with an exoskeleton suit and video sampling people on the spot and remixing them live almost immediately. His team built a pile of custom video sampler effects tech that was initially a plugin for Logic but he’s gone way beyond that in recent years. Check out this video below in which he uses Kinect to place himself into Michael Jackson’s legendary Billie Jean Motown performance. Not only does he go between Michael’s legs but also starts remixing him by manipulating his image with just his hands.