Droids of Star Wars

Star Wars 7 is around the corner so it’s time to summarize the last 6 movies in remix. First up is DROIDS. In the process of making it I couldn’t resist also making a video of R2D2 with subtitles. I’ll be doing a few more of these this year leading up to the release of SW7. So far on the Star Wars tip i’ve also done DARKSIDE and YODA. At the end of this month I’ll be back in Dublin for a few nights at the Palace Nightclub . Lot’s more video remixery coming soon.

Moscow : City of Light

I’ve just returned from Moscow yesterday morning where I was a judge and performer at the Circle of Light Festival. Massive thanks to Tatyana Popova who did an amazing job of wrangling all the judges and 5 times as many contestants. While i was there i did a set on Moscow 24 TV and performed an AV set projected onto Yuri Gagarin’s standby space rocket. Someone has very kindly posted the whole set online . That is probably the most impressive projection I’ve ever performed on. The whole festival was incredibly impressive but possibly the most exciting part for me was meeting Stuart Warren Hill (Hexstatic / Holotronica). Stuart created the AV video piece TIMBER  in 1997 which is the first example of AV I ever saw and it’s what made me want to make Eclectic Method. So it’s fair to say Stuart has totally changed my life and this was the first time I ever had the chance to meet him. Stuart hasn’t paused innovating for a sec and has slowed down his Hexstatic persona to instead focus on Holotronica. He has also invented the Holo-Gauze screen, a projection screen that remains totally invisible till you project on it. Stuart is using it in combination with 3D glasses to do Holotronica 3D Shows but Eric Prydz also recently used the screen for his legendary MSG show, video below:

BCNLIVE : 25th June 2014

This coming Wednesday (25th June 2014) I will be doing a live video remix show in Barcelona with video DJs DJ2D2 and DJ Que Baila. We will be streaming from Centre Municipal de Creació Multimèdia de L'Hospitalet green screen facility for 3 hours of fun, 1 hour each.

LIVE STREAM LINK : http://www.bit.ly/BCNLIVE

DJ 2nd Nature

For years now I’ve been a big fan of the AV Artist DJ 2nd Nature aka Brett Belcastro. As well as being a great AV producer he has also made music with folks like Magic Mike and Outkast, his fellow Atlantians. His most recent piece is Meditation Remixed a video piece about Meditation. I totally love the way he compiles visual images he has totally got his own style. Here is the Meditation Mix, but also check out his awesome set from the 2013 DJ Expo.

It's a Movie

Eclectic Method brings you a video about movies about movies. A Meta Self-Referential trip through Hollywood’s favorite subject matter…… Hollywood. Includes classic films about films like Robert Altman’s “The Player”, “The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou” and of course “Boogie Nights”.