Laser Cat

Who is he? What is he? Is he a she? If you haven’t heard of Laser Cat then I hope you’re internet gets fixed soon. Laser Cat is a multi-dimensional project from Hungy Castle. Hiss latest incarnation is happening at ADC in Miami next week. People have been feeding Laser Cat their art (I even fed him a bit of video) and he is going to be taking form in Miami as a giant inflatable cat with built in projectors and giant red button for audience interaction and “PEW PEW” Laser firing. I am not even sure what I am allowed to tell you about Laser Cat so probably best to read these articles in the Guardian and Wired about it. Let’s just say if you’re in Miami and you see something in the sky at night, it’s probably Laser Cat. 

Laser Cat is back from Hungry Castle on Vimeo.


A while ago when I was getting into AV and thought I was totally pioneering and shit, Matt Black told me to check out this dude called EBOMAN. At that time he was scratching video live with an exoskeleton suit and video sampling people on the spot and remixing them live almost immediately. His team built a pile of custom video sampler effects tech that was initially a plugin for Logic but he’s gone way beyond that in recent years. Check out this video below in which he uses Kinect to place himself into Michael Jackson’s legendary Billie Jean Motown performance. Not only does he go between Michael’s legs but also starts remixing him by manipulating his image with just his hands. 

Anthony Bourdain : Parts Unknown

Season 2 of Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown starts this sunday , so I made this remix to summarize Season 1. If you haven’t seen the show yet it is awesome, part travel show, part history lesson, part politics lesson and of course lots of food. The remix features rhythmical global kitchen activity, Anthony rapping "Cognac, cilantro, pork truffle chickpeas. Peanuts, lime, foie gras, cheese.“ and the longest recipe for Gumbo ever. Also got a nice feature in the huffington post and tweet from Anthony.

Saints Geaux Marching

As Y'all know I recently moved to New Orleans, so to represent for my local team I made this to kick off the season…. For the NFL team with the greatest music comes the world’s first Team Video Remix with winning gameplay creating the beats in true New Orleans musical style. “Saints Geaux Marching” features both Louis Armstrong and Aaron Neville versions of “When The Saints Go Marching In” and celebrates the return of Sean Payton as coach. In fact Sean Payton raps the main “Drew Brees” hook over a rhythm of throws, punts and tackles from Saints greats like Steve Gleason.

Avan Lava Remix

If you haven’t heard Avan Lava’s tearaway Disco Hit “It’s Never Over” check out the original video here. I loved it so much I asked if I could do a remix, and here is the result. The original is such a solid dancefloor track I thought why try to do that ? So, instead I went for some fast/slow dirty synth something or other. I pitched up the vocals so they sounded like the chipmunks and then figured why not do a punk cut up chipmunk video to match. Here is my video remix and the extended audio remix for your download pleasure. Also Avan Lava are headlining a show next weekend at Williamsburg Music Hall. So go check out the show described as “Prince, multiplied by six and jack-full of liquid-sex funk” with lasers too!!!!