Droids of Star Wars

Star Wars 7 is around the corner so it’s time to summarize the last 6 movies in remix. First up is DROIDS. In the process of making it I couldn’t resist also making a video of R2D2 with subtitles. I’ll be doing a few more of these this year leading up to the release of SW7. So far on the Star Wars tip i’ve also done DARKSIDE and YODA. At the end of this month I’ll be back in Dublin for a few nights at the Palace Nightclub . Lot’s more video remixery coming soon.


After Return of the Jedi, R2D2 gave up the robotics service industry and headed to Barcelona where he has since become a super successful video DJ under the name DJ2D2. He was touring DJ for Prefuse 73 , has played multiple Sonars and holds down residencies all over the place. Check out his mashup video below and even more stuff on his site.