Start spreading the news….. Not saying New York is the best city in the world, it’s just my favorite and has become my adopted home. So my latest video is a meta frame within a frame remix of New York itself. Fragments of classic New York movies are scratched, remixed and jammed around New York locations. Oliver Stone’s panning Manhattan shots are scratched up around Manhattan, Scorsese’s classic Brooklyn shots scratched around Brooklyn and Woody Allen’s view of Manhattan from Queens gets jammed from a Queen’s rooftop. The remix about town, about a town. Eclectic Method (EM) also enlisted the help of New Yorker J-Live to scratch up classic NY centric music videos from the Beastie Boys, Jay Z and others. J-Live is a long term EM collaborator and also one of the few humans who can scratch and rhyme at the same time.


Have been working on a New York themed remix video for a while and as an experiment I made the above video today with photos Maria had been taking of the city. The actual video is going to be very different but I couldn’t resist posting a video where Rampage hits the Empire State and Bloomberg implores you not to fuck about Monty Python style. Below are shots from the actual New York vid which is gonna take a while to complete.