Droids of Star Wars

Star Wars 7 is around the corner so it’s time to summarize the last 6 movies in remix. First up is DROIDS. In the process of making it I couldn’t resist also making a video of R2D2 with subtitles. I’ll be doing a few more of these this year leading up to the release of SW7. So far on the Star Wars tip i’ve also done DARKSIDE and YODA. At the end of this month I’ll be back in Dublin for a few nights at the Palace Nightclub . Lot’s more video remixery coming soon.


It’s Halloween and it’s been 30 years since Ghostbusters was released so I’m hitting two bats with one pumpkin with this Ghostbusters remix. Harold Ramis and Dan Aykroyd’s classic gets the rewind…..streams are crossed, Zuul prepares us for the coming of Gozer and the Stay Puft Marshmallow man appears in all his guises.



Whilst on the topic of BILL MURRAY, this Thursday (30th Oct) I am Audio DJing (no video) for the launch of Hungry Castle’s new collection “The Shit Collection” which features a Bill Murray shirt.


How far can you take it when sampling just one phrase? Well, I’ve tried to totally overdo it by creating a piece from Audrey Hepburn just saying  “I Love You”, from the public domain movie “Charade”. One of the most literal visual examples of sampling ever. Every pitch shift and jitter in sound has been matched with a corresponding shift and jitter in picture. The track is available to download for free and so are the audio stems for those who want to do their own remix. Also you can jam with the video in the new Coub Mixer browser based video remixer. You can also go to the main Coub Mixer main page and make your own multi channel video sample jams.

Mind Control Tool

Technology has been able to give you a case of the mind shits for sometime now. Just ask the Russians about their sonic weather weapons and apparently Nikola Tesla could make someone do the macarena from 200 yards away with just a pocket watch and a lighter. So YC the Cynic and I teamed up to make a genuine Audio-Visual assault to the system. The track opens with fair warning so don’t come moaning to us if after watching you have no free will and keep scratching your privates every time someone rings your door bell. If you find the nose bleeds stop and you still want more you can get the stems to remix with here or listen to it on spotify.


Wes Anderson Mixtape

Great directors create their own genre and Wes Anderson movies are a genre unto themselves. His films are played out in linear motion, his actors moving like costumed dolls in a vast toy house. It’s as much theater as film. Here are Anderson’s movies remixed like a cross section of a doll’s house - the themes and styles blended and mashed together. This is the latest in my series of Director Mixtapes previously Tarantino and Almodovar

#420 MIX

It’s nearly 420 again. How are you going to celebrate? In Colorado? I’ve sourced some of the classic moments of cinematic pot consumption and brought them together in a nice musical blend. The obvious advocates of getting high appear …. Snoop Dogg, Method Man, Seth Rogen and a whole load more.

DISCLAIMER : Smoking weed will not necessarily make you president or founder of apple.

Vidibox Mix

In this day and age of DJs just hitting play I decided it was to time for you to see me hit play over and over again. Vidibox is a brand new video sampler / looper app and in this mix I use it to deliver a fast paced journey through 40+ video samples in 5 minutes. Due to the over head camera we missed most of the bottle popping, twerking and cake throwing but we assure you it was taking place. The stop button also gets used a fair few times.

 If you download vidibox and want some video samples to get started with. DOWNLOAD THESE onto your ipad.


A while ago when I was getting into AV and thought I was totally pioneering and shit, Matt Black told me to check out this dude called EBOMAN. At that time he was scratching video live with an exoskeleton suit and video sampling people on the spot and remixing them live almost immediately. His team built a pile of custom video sampler effects tech that was initially a plugin for Logic but he’s gone way beyond that in recent years. Check out this video below in which he uses Kinect to place himself into Michael Jackson’s legendary Billie Jean Motown performance. Not only does he go between Michael’s legs but also starts remixing him by manipulating his image with just his hands. 

Mike Relm

Mike Relm is a video DJ, insane turntablist and Director from SF based in LA. I can remember the first time I saw Mike play and thinking “F&^% , I will never be able to scratch like that”. Not only is Mike one of the best AV Artists I know of he is also quite genuinely one of the world’s best turntablists. Mike has toured with the Blue Man Group and played every major American music festival. He also has a hugely popular YouTube channel where he mashes & remixes movies, memes and everything with a picture. This is one of my favorite mixes of his for the Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost’s Cornetto Trilogy.

Also here is a video Mike and I made last Christmas.

DJ 2nd Nature

For years now I’ve been a big fan of the AV Artist DJ 2nd Nature aka Brett Belcastro. As well as being a great AV producer he has also made music with folks like Magic Mike and Outkast, his fellow Atlantians. His most recent piece is Meditation Remixed a video piece about Meditation. I totally love the way he compiles visual images he has totally got his own style. Here is the Meditation Mix, but also check out his awesome set from the 2013 DJ Expo.

Snake Worship Island

Back in the early 2000’s Addictive TV had a show called “MixMasters” on ITV in the UK. As well as doing mixes themselves they had mix from folk like Exceeda and collaborations between DJs and VJs. They very kindly licensed the Snake Worship Island kung-fu movie for EM to remix so this is it, from 2003


Start spreading the news….. Not saying New York is the best city in the world, it’s just my favorite and has become my adopted home. So my latest video is a meta frame within a frame remix of New York itself. Fragments of classic New York movies are scratched, remixed and jammed around New York locations. Oliver Stone’s panning Manhattan shots are scratched up around Manhattan, Scorsese’s classic Brooklyn shots scratched around Brooklyn and Woody Allen’s view of Manhattan from Queens gets jammed from a Queen’s rooftop. The remix about town, about a town. Eclectic Method (EM) also enlisted the help of New Yorker J-Live to scratch up classic NY centric music videos from the Beastie Boys, Jay Z and others. J-Live is a long term EM collaborator and also one of the few humans who can scratch and rhyme at the same time.

Self Generating Remix

Self Generating Art has long been an obsession of BRIAN ENO’s. He made the 77 Million Paintings installation, a self generating painting that is always changing and also his work on the KOAN generative music engine.


For the last few years I’ve been obsessed with the idea of a self generating remixer. Something that is generating a real time remix (both audio and video) from media the world is spewing onto the internet. COLDCUT had an app called “My Little Funkit” that would generate music to pre-defined rules and the user could move faders that would make choices as to how to music would develop. I thought this would be a fun idea in a self generating media remixer where someone could come in and choose less news more salacious media stories OR less EDM more hiphop. Also with more and more online videos coming with subtitles and automatic editing machine could be trying to construct remix sentences that make sense. The site SUBZIN already allows you to search films by their scripts and it will tell you exactly where a word or phrase occurs in a movie.