Baroque Dub

A long time ago when I was living in Mostar, Bosnia & Hercegovina, working at the Pavarotti Music Centre we had multiple visits from the band Dodgy and their engineer/producer/in-house remixer Jerome Di Pietro. After moving back to the UK I ended up spending a lot of time in Birmingham at Nigel Clark and Jerome’s studio and crashing on Jerome’s couch. It was in this time that I started getting heavily into video remixing and learned a flip ton more about sampling from Jerome. During this time Jerome made a immensely sample heavy album under the name “Baroque Dub”. The album was called It’s a Life style thing and due to the insane amount of samples it kinda got buried. Recently though Jerome has made the whole thing available for download, it is genuinely one of my favorite albums of all time and so encourage y'all to download it.