Doctor Who Comic Con 2013

Finally back home for a week after being on the road almost non stop since moving to New Orleans. 2 Weekends ago I did my annual Martha’s Vineyard show at the Lamppost and took a few days to hang out with my good friend Rob. Last weekend I went to San Diego to perform the Doctor Who AV Show over two days for the BBC. Saturday I performed a long version of the show at Block 16 for the Fan Meetup hosted by Kenyatta Cheese and Tori Preston. Highlight of the show for me was Matt Smith screaming ECLECTIC METHOD and a room full of Doctor Who fanatics like myself. Sunday I opened the Doctor Who talk in HALL H with several thousand fans holding up their sonic screwdrivers right before the show. Steven Moffat showed a sneak peek of the upcoming 50th Anniversary episode and also “An Adventure in Space and Time” trailer which is a dramatization of the start of Doctor Who in 1963 and looks totally awesome. Then I had to dash to get a flight home. To all the people emailing, tweeting and facebooking asking me where they can see the Doctor Who AV Show the honest truth is I don’t really know. I built the show for SXSW and thought that would be the end of it so Comic Con came as total pleasant surprise for me too. There are several clips online from people’s phones (like the one below) but the complete show is nearly an hour long and encompasses the full 50 years and all the Doctors of Doctor Who.