Over 2014 Oxfam has been collecting video and audio samples at many music festival. They then gave me all the samples and I made an Audio-Visual piece. Thanks to all the people who created samples for us to work. The video also features The Brian Jonestown Massacre, Danny and the Champions, Editors, Eliza Doolittle, Foals, Heydon Prowse, Warpaint, John Newman, Simon Pegg and The Bohicas.

Mind Control Tool

Technology has been able to give you a case of the mind shits for sometime now. Just ask the Russians about their sonic weather weapons and apparently Nikola Tesla could make someone do the macarena from 200 yards away with just a pocket watch and a lighter. So YC the Cynic and I teamed up to make a genuine Audio-Visual assault to the system. The track opens with fair warning so don’t come moaning to us if after watching you have no free will and keep scratching your privates every time someone rings your door bell. If you find the nose bleeds stop and you still want more you can get the stems to remix with here or listen to it on spotify.


Snoop Vjay Mix Preview

A month ago I went to LA to make the Snoop Lion mix. I drove around town with the Cashmere  crew remixing Snoop Lion and classic Snoop Dogg videos using Algoriddim’s VJay app on the iPad. We did 6 locations around town including spots like the Hollywood sign and Venice Beach. The final video is coming out on August 21st. In the meantime Snoop’s WestfestTV channel just posted this “Making Of/Preview” video for the mix.

And also here is the raw output from the Vjay app of the mix…..