Over 2014 Oxfam has been collecting video and audio samples at many music festival. They then gave me all the samples and I made an Audio-Visual piece. Thanks to all the people who created samples for us to work. The video also features The Brian Jonestown Massacre, Danny and the Champions, Editors, Eliza Doolittle, Foals, Heydon Prowse, Warpaint, John Newman, Simon Pegg and The Bohicas.


Robocop, the classic, is getting remade and re-released next month. It’s directed by José Padilha with Gary Oldman, Samuel L Jackson and Michael Keaton. But remember the original that predicted a future in which the justice system was run by corporations and Detroit was nearing collapse? So to jog your memory I spliced it down and jumbled it up into a robostep video noise track. You now have 15 seconds to click like.