#NOLA Snoop

Last week Maria and I moved down to New Orleans in 2 days of solid driving. We did a 22 hour drive in turns to our friends Kim & Steven in Mississippi then another 3 hours onwards to our new home in the CBD. I have totally loved the last 7 years in New York but the joy of skipping winter, walking around town with a cocktail in hand and a swimming pool has outstripped my need to live there. I will be back to visit for sure, in fact in a few weeks but for now it’s time for a change. Today I am in LA and I have just finished my first day of filming for my Snoop Lion / Dogg mix on the VJAY APP. Wasn’t sure if I was allowed to mention it but seeing as Snoop tweeted it today I guess it’s not a secret anymore. The full mix is coming out in a few weeks and the new Vjay App is out now, it now has key lock / timestretch so I am doing full EM live shows on in it. I got 2 ipads now and i’m starting to do multiple screen sets too. Got another day of filming in LA then back to NOLA to rock July 4th. Tonight I’m gonna head out to see Mike Relm’s show.