New Orleans

Just recovering from our New Orleans trip. I went down there for first time with Maria and my dad to visit Allison and our Baton Rogue / Mississippi crew. We started our first night with some Purple Drank and then went to meet up with our friends Carlos and Ricky who were staying at Lafitte’s Guest House with a balcony over looking Bourbon Street. Then we went to Arnaud’s Restaurant where we stuffed ourselves with seafood and I tried a Baked Alaska for first time, it’s a layered icecream shoved in a cake. Then went to Molly’s on the way to bed. Saturday I played a Saint Patrick’s Day house party at Collyn & Wiffy’s place. By “house party” I mean house to the street party as most people were on the street drinking and eating Jambalaya which is totally legal there, the drinking i mean, Jambalaya is legal everywhere. The band playing was made up of Dave Jordan, West Bank Mike and friends. New Orleans is pretty fucking cool really, admittedly we spent most of our time in the French Quarter but I totally love it…. Just the right amount of silly.

I am back this Friday with livestreaming video set at Noon Eastern Time on Dailymotion. Also Friday afternoon at 4pm Eastern Time I will be doing a set in Plug.DJ with Smokery a new site that allows you to play back audio and video in a virtual space you hang out in.