Doctor Who : SXSW

I am finally able to announce my SXSW show this year and it is totally great. I have been working with BBC America on a Doctor Who AV show. I will be playing a video remix set composed entirely from Doctor Who episodes from throughout history. This is one of my favorite TV Shows of all time and I have been buried in episodes for the past few weeks otherwise known as “total joy”.

Not only is Doctor Who a pioneering TV Show since 1963 but it has also pioneered in music making and generation of new sound effects that permeate our music today. The original theme by Ron Grainer and made by Delia Derbyshire at the BBC Radiophonic Workshop was an exercise in electronic music pioneering. It’s sound has not dated as it took the world a while to catch up with Delia’s techniques of running multiple oscillators and turning faders up and down whilst adjusting the tape speed, something nowadays people automate on a computer.

I am having mad fun making this show and it will be a awesome journey through Doctor Who , a 50 year time travel in it’s self. The show will exist for one time only on the night of 9th March in Austin at BBC America’s event………….

Also last week Raymond Cusick, the designer of the Daleks, passed away… The mix will of course be Dalek heavy in his honor.