Indiana Jones Sound Effects Remix

I made a house music video remix using only sound effects clips from the Indiana Jones movies. The sound design is made by Ben Burtt who also made the iconic sounds for Star Wars. So some of the sounds are the same as the Star Wars SFX Remix I did. You might notice how much a plane engine from Indiana Jones sounds like a laser from Star Wars. Whilst making this I also noticed the same punch sound occurring in 3 of the Indy movies. I'm pretty sure Han Solo and Indiana Jones' fists make the same sound. Obviously, some Nazi's get punched in the face and shot so this might be NSFW if you work at the Whitehouse.

Sound Effects Remix #2

I've been collecting sound effects from movies for years. Looking for all the best moments where a noise occurs without any background music and a great image of the object making a sound. This version is "Sound Effects Remix 2" you can watch Version One here and a very old experiment from 2007 here. Some of the samples overlap between the versions, some are different but the second version is a slower "Hip Hop" feel where as the first was kind of house music.

Movies in Google Earth : Grand Central

I took scenes from movies featuring the south side of Grand Central on 5th Avenue and mapped them to their positions in google earth and then tried to link all the scenes together. This is what I'd love out of an augmented reality version of Google Earth. Walk around a city and walk past windows into movie worlds filmed from the locations around where your device is pointing.

Dr. Strangelove with Martyn Ware

Martyn Ware, founder of The Human League, Heaven 17, legendary producer of Tina Turner and Erasure, Multimedia artist and professor has teamed up with Eclectic Method to remix Dr. Strangelove. With relations between East and West at such an ambiguous point and the Doomsday Clock closer to midnight then it's been since the Cuban Missile Crisis what better time to revisit the Stanley Kubrick Classic. "Gentlemen, You can't fight in here this is war room"

Hillary VS Donald

If you are a sane person then you are probably totally and utterly bored sick of the United States election cycle. Regardless, I boshed out this remix 6 hours after the third and final un-presidential debate finished. It's a hip hop remix of "Hail to The Chief" with Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump as MCs. If you haven't had your feel of this election check out my Donald Trump and Bernie VS Hillary Remixes.