M m m m m movies. Story, honor the mythology visually. Poetry visionary movie. You know what? I went to the movies a lot... with all my clothes off, they've changed a lot, elaborate plot. Ladies and gentlemen it's romantic, dramatic, epic, magic, hang on to your nuggets, sick, tweak me a bit. Beautiful, visceral, spectacle, natural, gratifying, satisfying, it's amazing, fascinating. Whether you're older or younger, it's like nothing bigger, a lot characters, different kinds of characters. Chara....character actors, actors, character actor. I'm an actor, actor, an actor. One of those big egos? NO. You want to live the American dream, working on a green screen. He sees his shot, you laugh a lot. Oh my god, I still can get a job. It's all for love and i auditioned for Reservoir Dogs. Passionate kinetic effects, complex concept, it's not that hard for me to understand not having a plan and carefully thought through. What i'm supposed to do everyone can relate to similiar issues, which is true. Very good question, validation..... congratulations. Conundrum ,completely different person, appropriate information.

i'd rather stick my fingers in my eye balls than watch ..... that's too much.... cut


FEATURING (in order or appearance) : 

Christoph Waltz, Woody Harrelson, Owen Wilson, Dwayne Johnson, Harrison Ford, Isla Fisher, Ashton Kutcher, Danny McBride, Nick Swardson, Will Ferrell, Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart, Oprah Winfrey, Keira Knightley, Matthew McConaughey, Eva Mendes, Ellen Page, Will Smith, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Neil Patrick Harris, Amy Poehler, James Franco, Sam Rockwell, Joel Edgerton, Naomi Watts, Cuba Gooding, Jr., Adam Sandler, Andy Samberg, Mark Wahlberg, Katie Holmes, Samuel L. Jackson, Dane DeHaan, Jamie Foxx, Helen Mirren

Shaw Brothers Kung Fu Remix

When I was 11 years old my mate Danny showed me the Shaw Brothers kung fu movies. One of my first AV experiments in the late 90s was capturing his VHS tape of "Mystery of Chessboxing" and cutting it up in Premiere. The Shaw Brothers are basically the archetypal kung fu movies. Wu-Tang sampled them and Tarantino references them. Now in collaboration with PROHBTD, Celestial Pictures and The Spellbound Group I've had the chance to do a remix of a few of the Shaw Brothers Classics.

Chewie Tune

Chewie is back in SW7 but first here's a look at his short lived EDM career. The next in my slightly over obsessed Star Wars remix series following on from Droids, Yoda, Darkside , Light Saber and Disney Wars.  My next show is in London at the Book Club, then in Moscow for the Circle of Light Festival with Addictive TV and next month I'll be in Paris playing with Pogo. Other then that I'm in the Lab making videos for WE MASH and a forthcoming totally legit Kung Fu remix project.