Copyright Issues

A lot of people ask me why don't my videos get taken down for copyright infringement?

The answer is almost all my videos are using 2 second samples from movies. When studios put out movies they expect vlogs, tv shows and media to regularly feature a few seconds of their movie to reference it. If film studios started taking down every video using 2 seconds of their latest movie they'd be killing off a lot of free PR. With music however if you take 1 minute of the latest 3 minute pop tune then you're taking a third of it but 2 seconds of a movie is more like a 3,000th of it. For this reason you will often have videos taken down if you use other people's music. As I compose original music for my remixes this doesn't effect me. If film studios do take offense they can issue take downs (this never happens) or they can put adverts on my videos and make money (this often happens). A lot of directors have shared my remixes of their films. When people hire me to make video remixes they hire me to remix content they own using music I create originally from scratch.