Juliette Lewis and Edgar Wright

I’ve been making a video a week and forgetting to post anything on here for the last 3 months so here goes…. This is Sound Effects 5 , i love making songs using solely movie, tv and video samples this is one of my favorites that I’ve done. I feel like Deadpool slamming that cardoor and Liza Koshy’s clap is one of the best kick/clap SFX combos i’ve ever get. Edgar Wright has been posting my remixes of his show Spaced which has it’s 20th Anniversary this year. Juliette Lewis posted my violent beat remix and peaceful chill remix on her instagram. I also did a longform remix of her stringing her lines from different movies together in a rhyming story. I did a collab with Owae , two Quickfire video dj mixes 1 - 2 - , a house tune for 420 and a remix of Captain Marvel based around Samuel L Jackson singing Mr Postman. Also EVERY FRIDAY I am Livestreaming on YouTube and Facebook at 7PM CET, 1PM EST, 10AM PST.