I post a lot of my own links here so I thought I'd show a few things I've made for other people's channels. I just finished making a video called #IT, people saying IT to a beat. Casey Neistat called it the "best thing on the internet today".  Edgar Wright recently posted a remix I did for him to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Spaced. It's a sound effects remix you can watch on his instagram ortwitter. I've made another Spaced remix that is more talky that's coming out shortly. Jimmy Fallon recently played my Ricky Gervais remix to him on his show. Graham Norton also played my Wolf of Wall Street remix to Matthew McConaughyon his show. Matthew asked where his residuals were so I double checked and Mr McConaughy can rest assured that his film company has collected at least $20,000 in ad revenue from that remix. Patty Jenkins very kindly shared my Wonder Woman remix. Ed Solomon very kindly shared the remix I made of the Bill and Ted movieshe co-wrote. Flula posted a remix I made for him on his instagram. Jason Silva shared a remix I made for him on his instagram. A while ago I made a showreel forDenis Leary and though he liked it he said it was maybe a little too weird so I posted about it online. Well Denis very kindly tweeted to correct the story of theshowreel. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez liked the remix I made of her on twitter and I'm doing an AV set for my mate Kill in Barcelona next month.