Airbnbeing John Malkovich

Airbnbeing John Malkovich The craziest Airbnb experience ever. Live it up inside John Malkovich’s Head. “It’s f***ing genius” say Charle Sheen. This is definitely one experience you’re not likely to forget. Offering all the comforts of a Hollywood actor’s big head - Airbnbeing John Malkovich takes you on a unique trip through his subconscious neighbourhood. The blow-up home was modelled on a quick screengrab from the movie Being John Malkovich, combined with a royalty-free Google Image of his skull to give that perfect combination of local delight and surreal pretend-fantasy. The interior is inflatable. Bouncy but firm. Equipped with everything you could need in order to be someone else. Facilities include: Wi-Fi internet, custom fitted kitchen with oven/hob/microwave/fridge-freezer; shower room with WC; bedroom with cosy double bed and matching Malkovich pillowcases; dining & living area, comfy sofas and flat-screen TV complete with the entire back catalogue of John Malkovich on VHS, DVD and Blu-ray. Airbnbeing John Malkovich is perfectly suited for both singles and couples – and provides the ideal head space for romantic or solitary escapism. The surrounding cerebrum is stunning, and there are plenty of hidden portals and ego trips to explore. Artist Kill Cooper is Head of Malkovich and Development and is always happy to lend you a hand inside the magnificent head. If you have any questions about Airbnbeing John Malkovich and this new one-of-a-kind experience – please ask. You’ll realise as soon as you get inside his head – there is indeed something special and magical about John Malkovich, just waiting to be discovered. Malkovich. Malkovich.