How To Remix Video : Cutting Clips

I’ve started doing video tutorials on how to remix video. I’m going to do one a week till I bosh out the main points. Please email me or comment on the videos if you feel anything should be included or want me to explain anything in more detail. I’ve been doing these tutorials in various places online and at conferences over the years but I thought I’d gather them in one place on my YouTube. The tutorials are almost entirely using Magix Vegas software but some of the information will be relevant to other video editing software. I’ve been using Vegas since it was owned by Sonic Foundry right through it’s years with Sony and now it’s been taken on by Magix. There are really two reasons I use Vegas. Firstly you can edit video in musical beats and bars like a DAW (Ableton, Logic, Fruity Loops) and Vegas will ignore the frames so you can cut more finely and musically than a video editor locked to 25,30 or 60 frames would. Secondly it allows you to play a loop of your timeline without rendering first, so you can be listening to your video cuts musically as you make musical ideas. People also write 3rd Party Scripts for Vegas that allow it to do a variety of neat tricks like importing subtitles and batch processing things that would usual take a thousand clicks to achieve. One script I long for is being able to edit videos by the subtitle files, searching for keywords and having it kick out video for those words.