Fast and Furious

I've taken apart all 7 Fast & Furious moves to create a remix for WeMash. The remix is an electro heavy house track that uses all of the main themes of the flicks to create the music. Rev-ing engines drive the main melody, fight scenes and gear shifts play the rhythm and the actors rhyme the vocals "Guns, Murderers, Crooked Cops...Think outside the box." Over the last few months, I've begun working closely with WeMash - a company that license and pre-clears video and music clips from movie & tv studios, record labels, news bureaus, documentarians and all sorts of other interesting content so creators can make legitimate remixes for YouTube and other video platforms.  I'll be putting out a lot of my future mixes with WeMash alongside other AV remix artists like Mike Relm and Steve Porter. Over the next year WeMash will also be rolling out other features that will eventually enable anyone who wants to create legit legal remixes of top notch content. I'll also be blogging about audio video remixy mashy stuff at the WeMash Blog.